Responsible and effective Tax Consultancy demands a high level of professional expertise and commitment to high quality performance. For ‘Paul Clem’ it is not only the possession of these attributes which has given a difference. Rather it the possession of these attributes together with pursuing work modalities reflecting aggressiveness, Cost/benefit consideration for clients, and concern over their business risks, which has earned it an extra edge in this field. This is discernable from the personality of its top two Consultants – Messrs. Paul C. Mushi and S. W. Kuffar both whom, have had distinguished careers as Senior Tax Administrators in the Government Revenue Authorities.

With the frequent changes in taxation laws, the partner and staff are constantly up-dating their knowledge and skills in all taxation areas so that clients receive the maximum benefit without losing sight of commercial reality.
Our Services include:

a) Advisory

  • • Advising clients on the appropriate-ness of Accounting Structures for major corporate financing decisions and stake-holders interests in the wake of the frequent changes in fiscal policies.
  • • Advising clients on tax planning on specific tax problems to minimise tax exposure.
  • • Advising clients on ways to maximise after – tax income by making effective use of double taxation treaties and planning the mix of income distributions.
  • • Advising on the International dimensions of tax determination and management.
  • • Advising clients on the understanding and re-acting to the Annual Finance Bills to pre-empt practical oversights by Government in the pursuit of the Annual budgets.

b) Activities

  • • Tax Investigation inquiries and disputes with Tax Authorities.
  • • Dealing with the Taxation problems of Pension Fund and NGO’s.
  • • Dealing with V.A.T. problems.
  • • Taxation Due Diligence Evaluation.
  • • Dealing with Employment and Pay-roll taxes.
  • • Advising on issues arising under the Mining Law, Petroleum Development Act and Registration/Clearances under the Tanzania Investment Centre and how they impact on shareholders value.
  • • Advising on the Tax Implication of International Commercial Agreements, New Projects, Corporate Finance Planning and Staff Compensation Structure
  • • Attending on taxation matters of Foreign Shipping Companies, Foreign Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Contractors.
  • • Attending on the taxation matters of Expatriates.
  • • Advising doner Agencies on the impact of taxation of NGO’s in Tanzania for the purpose of their budget plans and disbursements.